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Free Collections for Caterham Scrap Cars

Have you just scoured google or invited Alexa to find Caterham Scrap Cars companies? Do you want to sell your old car and now need to get prices? If that sounds familiar, you will be pleased to know that MJ Recovery can solve your end of life vehicle scrappage troubles.
Suppose you live in Caterham and wish to sell a damaged scrap vehicle that you no longer want and want to sidestep paying through the nose for the aggravation of getting rid of your old car.
At MJ Recovery, we can give you an instant quote and offer cash, plus a free collection of your salvage scrap vehicles! If you have agreed to a deal with a car take back firm near you, we also provide car transportation to the scrap yard on your behalf.
MJ Recovery has been collecting scrap cars for Caterham residents from all walks of life, the best prices paid for car scrapping for around thirty years

London Scrap Cars @ MJ Recovery

We collect Caterham’s scrap cars throughout Surrey and Kent. Our car takeback mission is to pay the best car prices for the vehicle owners with quick collection saving them from storage and parking expenses that are usually utterly ridiculous.
Likewise, the latest Ultra Low Emission Zones in the hub of London leaves countless motorists of ageing and damaged cars confronted with being charged significantly more cash for their day-to-day commute to the office. There has never been a more sensible juncture to recycle your old car and get paid some money for it.
Getting rid of your Caterham scrap car with MJ Recovery couldn’t be more straightforward. We’ll even tolerate all the DVLA car registration paperwork for you.


Can MJ Recovery get me the best car scrapping prices in Caterham? Without a doubt, MJ Recovery comprehends the significance of trusting that your End of Life Vehicle has appropriately and responsibly disposed of. As a partner of a long-standing Authorised Treatment Facility, our customers depend on our vehicle scrappage services. We are proud to be considered the best choice for all their unwanted vehicle & car salvage requirements in Caterham.
To benefit from our fantastic car scrapping prices, peace of mind from knowing that your car has been appropriately disposed of, together with good old fashioned car take-back service, get in touch with our car scrappage collection team today on 020 3369 1269

London Scrap Cars @MJ Recovery

Ready to Scrap Your Old Car Caterham

Act now if you own Caterham scrap cars that take up room on your driveway or drain your bank balance from storage costs! Get prices for your old car from MJ Recovery today, and we can collect your unwanted car within 48 hours. The money is paid into your bank account the same day in most circumstances.


Fill in the form on our contact page or call 020 3369 1269 to receive your free, instant, no-obligation quote


We will be in touch with you to arrange a time and place to collect your vehicle at your convenience


We will collect your vehicle & you get paid! It’s as simple as that!


“Great service, MJ Recovery came the next day and gave me a really good price. Very happy with their services.”

“5 stars service! Definitely recommend them to anyone! “

“Hassle free. MJ Recovery made me feel very confident about scrapping my car.”

“Very professional, friendly, fast recovery service. Phoned several others but this is the only one that is reliable, true to its word.”

“I would definitely recommend MJ Recovery! They gave me a quote which they stuck to and collected the same day. The money was transferred into my account. Easy!”

MJ Recovery


You can commonly hope to pocket up to £200 for scrapping a family-sized car with an instant quote, so what are you waiting for? With MJ Recovery, car scrapping is a doddle, just another reason that we are the Caterham car collection service to trust. If this all sounds like a pipedream, we think the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

So give us a call and take a big bite of the MJ Recovery service today. We handle the necessary car registration paperwork for every customer that confirms that you no longer own the scrap vehicle in question.
Our scrap car collection team works offer cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so that we can adapt to your day-to-day plans.

Contact us on 020 3369 1269 for more information.

We guarantee instant competitive quotes for London scrap cars. With quick free collections around London. Get your immediate payment, and we will handle the DVLA paperwork for you.

Still not sure? The answers to many of our frequently asked car scrap questions can be seen below:.

How Long Does It Take to Scrap My Car?

Most of the time, we can pick up your scrap car the very same day that you contact us. This, however, depends on how busy our local scrap car collection team are in your area. As a rule of thumb, you can anticipate your scrap vehicle to be collected within 2 to 3 business days.

How Much Will You Pay For My Scrap Car?

The payment you're offered for your car varies on several things like age, make or model. Why not fill in our contact form to get an estimation now?

When Will You Pick Up My Scrap Car?

We understand that life is hectic, and your time is treasured. You most definitely do not want to be stuck all day indoors waiting for us. That's why our scrap car collection squad will get in touch with you to organise a time for the collection that works for you.

How Much Do You Charge For Collecting My Scrap Car?

Many scrap car buyers will charge you to collect your scrap vehicle. But, with MJ Recovery, our scrap car collection service is totally FREE OF CHARGE! Suppose another scrappage company gives you a better price for your old car. In that case, we urge you to double-check the collection fees to guarantee you don't end up money down.

London Scrap Cars

Caterham Scrap Van Collections

We also provide Caterham scrap van collections. MJ Recovery also offers our clients a free van and commercial vehicle collection service. Other car scrapping firms may charge their customers to collect their scrap vehicles, so we’re delighted to deliver this service complimentarily.

What’s more, you also stand to make a respectable amount for your van or car! Customers will typically be required to pay for car disposal due to glass and tyre removal, safe fuel extraction, etc.

However, at MJ Recovery, we’ll cover these expenses and deliver your money to the bank for your vehicle!


So, to gain the peace of mind that your End of Life Vehicle has been professionally handled and make a few quid contact us for more information.

You can also contact us by filling in some details about your car or van via our contact form or via WhatsApp.


Although we are established vehicle scrapping professionals, we also provide a complete breakdown recovery service! We will continuously surpass any quote given for our excellent recovery service. Whether you are in Caterham, Surrey or Kent, we make it our mission to get to you as fast as possible.

Call us today on 020 3369 1269 for a free scrappage estimate for your old car.

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A Few Of Caterham’s Interesting Facts

Caterham is a town in the Tandridge District of Surrey. The town lies close to the A22, not far from Guildford and 6around miles south of Croydon.

Caterham’s earliest village centre consisted in the closest part of the ridge of Caterham on the hill to the railroad station in Caterham Valley, including at the street climbing the rather steep, short hill known as Church Hill.

The parish of Caterham Valley has a more progressive shopping area offering the main town centre for the whole community and approximately 7,581 residents. The local church of St. John the Evangelist was sanctified in 1882.

The second of the two parishes is Caterham on the Hill. It was the initial development in the region with more listed buildings than Caterham Valley.

From 1877 Caterham Barracks on the hill was a station for the footguards regiments. However, the barracks were closed in 1995, and the site was redeveloped for housing. Terry Waite and David Stirling, the founder of the SAS was, trained at the barracks.

In 1975 an IRA bomb exploded in the Caterham Arms public house, wounding ten off-duty soldiers and twenty-three civilians. The pub was favoured with the Welsh Guards, who had just returned to Caterham Barracks after performing in Northern Ireland. The men accountable for the bombing were subsequently jailed for murders and bombings. They were freed in April 1999 following the Good Friday Agreement.

Caterham Asylum, subsequently known as Caterham Mental Hospital and later still as Saint Lawrence’s Hospital, was an extensive establishment to treat the mentally ill. Joey Deacon lived in the hospital or its grounds for around 50 years.

Until 1987 the offices, factory and showroom for the legendary Caterham Cars and creators of the Caterham 7 sports car were found in Caterham when the company repositioned to a new factory in Kent but kept a Caterham South showroom finally exited the town and moved to Crawley in February 2013. The former showroom they occupied has now been converted into homes for retired people.

Angus Deayton grew up in Caterham; he attended both Oakhyrst Grange and Caterham Schools. Famous sportspeople from Caterham include the footballers Nicky Forster, David Price and cricketer Dar Lyon, who were born in the town.

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